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Mar 19, 2011
Growing Garbanzo beans
by: Bernie P

Jup, I'm about to reap my first crop of Garbanzos, though we call them CHICKPEAS here in South Africa. In reality they are neither peas nor beans but do belong to the legume, high vegetable protein family.

I've been unable to find seed, so I just planted the dried Garbanzos that you can buy in the store. Bush variety, not sure if you can get pole garbanzos.

There's only one problem, you'll never get to dry them for hummus. What your children and grandchildren don't eat raw in the patch (you should just see my two-year old granddaughter, Beth in the Garbanzo patch), will go for freshly cooked green Garbanzos. Stunningly sweet and delic.

Unless you have a very large patch. I have 200-300 plants and I can't see any of them being dried, except some for seed for next year.

If anybody knows of pole Garbanzo bean seed please make a comment here at

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