Ginger helps prevent the spread of cancer cells

Ginger helps prevent the spread of cancer cells by restraining the overly enthusiastic activity of our immune systems.

Having come recently through the recent pandemic I think we understand that many of the deaths were because of an immune response that was totally over the top after detecting the virus; the so-called cytokine storm caused by aggressive inflammation that choked the lungs and other tissues.

In a not dissimilar manner, neutrophils which are the most common white blood cell can over-respond to infection and injury; they are the body's first line of defense by the immune system.

This then becomes an "auto-immune" response against our own tissues.


A NET is a "neutrophil extracellular trap" that is released by WBCs to capture circulating viruses and bacteria; but it also grabs onto cancerous tissue.

These NETs also play a pivotal role in non-infectious diseases like lupus and psoriasis.

This NET is a web-like structure; it is highly inflammatory in an effort to protect us from invading organisms. But scientists have now found that this excessive response also causes cancer cells to spread both locally and to migrate throughout the body.

They have been searching for safe agents to help prevent this aberrant immune response; to attenuate these NETs to use the scientific jargon.


Ginger tea spicy recipeGinger, lemon and honey make a relaxing tea

It has previously been shown that the common spice ginger, when injected into mice helps to inhibit this excessive neutrophil activity in the autoimmune diseases like cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and even Covid-19.

This is measured by the level of cAMP in the blood; it blunts "NETosis" by human neutrophils.

After ginger consumption there was a significant increase in cAMP; but within one week this returned to previous levels prior to taking the spice[4].

The take-home from this is that daily consumption of small amounts of ginger helps to prevent the cytokine storm that is so deadly to our blood vessels.

Deep vein thrombosis

Clots formed in deep vein thrombosis also have high levels of these activated neutrophils exhibiting this exaggerated response to a perceived pathogen.

Whilst working only at this stage with white mice, scientists again found that ginger was helping to blunt this dangerously increased autoimmune activity.


Researchers have found that daily consumption of ginger by healthy adults inhibits the formation of these over-responsive inflammatory NETs[4]; of comparable effectiveness to the results using a common medication.

In other research on humans and mice there is now a large body of evidence that these NETs are furthermore involved in "cancer progression and metastatic dissemination[2]."

They capture circulating cancer cells and promote metastasis; and cause organ damage not dissimilar to those folk with the auto-immune diseases.

Spicy ginger tea recipe

This ginger tea recipe is just one simple way to enjoy the powerful spice on a daily basis. Served ice-cold it is perfect on a hot summer's day or in the evening as a tonic to help us sleep better.

It can be used to make a peanut and ginger sauce to go on salads, in butternut soup and a host of different recipes.

One of the active ingredients, a phenolic compound called gingerol is also found in turmeric, another spice that is easy to grow; and having proven anti-oxidant properties.

Freshly grated turmeric


Researchers have found that microbes inside tumours are contributing to therapeutic resistance to different forms of cancer treatment. There is an incredibly powerful synergy between various phytonutrients like gingerol and the friendly bugs in the colon that helps overcome the pathogens in the neoplasm.

"The impact of microbes, both at the level of the tumor, the gut and other sites is critically important to virtually all forms of cancer treatment and ultimately maybe even prevention of malignancies[5].

- Jennifer Wargo, MD (Anderson Cancer Centre)

The take-home

The "take-home" from all of this about how ginger helps prevent the spread of cancer cells is the importance of regular consumption of a wide variety of herbs, spices and nutritious foods. Each of them has its own distinctive benefits and there's no virtue in worrying about whether one has had enough gingerol or lemonin today.

There is strong science confirming that those who enjoy 7 or more coloured foods daily have wide protection against many diseases. Prevention always was and remains better than a cure.

Our green home

It is our conviction and pleasure at our green home that growing a wide variety of spices and herbs is actually very simple; most of them like thyme, marjoram and turmeric are hardy plants and do not suffer unduly from a little neglect.

But let us not neglect to use them regularly in our cooking. They are profoundly important in helping to prevent the spread of cancer cells and many other diseases.


There is considerable skepticism concerning the effectiveness of so-called functional foods; those that promote wellness and help prevent disease. There is no real need to understand the science behind how spices containing gingerol, one of the active ingredients, help prevent the spread of cancer cells; but I hope this has been useful in helping you to grasp the importance of the regular consumption of coloured fruits, vegetables and other plants.

Ginger helps prevent the spread of cancer cells

Turmeric and ginger help prevent the spread of cancer cells via attenuated NETs.


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