Spina bifida and orange juice

Benefits of folate

Spina bifida and orange juice is a subject for every woman of child bearing age; because by the time you realise you are pregnant the damage is already done, if you are deficient in vitamin B9. The benefits of folate are profound.

Folate, which comes in various forms, such as folic acid, vitamin B9, has many vital functions in the body. You need about 400 micrograms a day; that's quite a lot.

Here are two of those functions.

  1. Folate is vital in the formation of the neural tube that encases the spinal cord. It's formed in the first weeks of pregnancy, before you even know you are with child. A defect is called Spina Bifida Vera. 3000 babies born in the USA each year are doomed to be paralysed for life. That translates into about 200,000 people right now in the USA who are living with this very preventable disease; that's the population of a city the size of Des Moines, Iowa.
  2. Folate prevents the build up of a toxic substance in the blood called homocysteine that damages the lining of blood vessels causing heart disease and stroke.

You will find that a glass of your own fresh orange juice (or just an orange if you find that easier) has about 10% of your daily needs, but OJ has virtually none.

" ... based on scientific evidence that increased folic acid (folate) consumption reduced the risk for having a pregnancy affected by a neural tube deficit (spina bifida)."

Spina bifida and orange juice

Spina bifida and orange juice would prevent a city the size of Des Moines of paralysed Americans. The rate in the USA is nearly double that in other developed countries.

Benefits of folate

The benefits of folate in its whole spectrum are profound, and that means not just folic acid, but choline too; understanding spina bifida and orange juice could save you and your child a lifetime of misery.

Folate is found in whole, natural foods in many different forms; one of the problems of assuming that a vitamin pill will prevent spina bifida, is that only one form, folic acid, is generally used to enrich foods.

For example, in your whole foods, folate is found in the methyl, dihydro, monoglutamyl and polyglutamyl isomers. We really need to be eating all of them every day, and that's especially true for a woman who could fall pregnant.

Other rich sources for the record include hummus (chickpeas), spinach and swiss chard, peas, beans, lentils and liver.

It's all part of the eight coloured foods per day reduce death from all causes by 33%; enjoy  as many as you can, but spina bifida and orange juice should top the young woman's list.

For breakfast, my recommendation is that you squeeze one per person in your family from this citrus fruit list.

It takes me literally two minutes to do; I timed it, from halving the fruit to poured in the jug. Add a teaspoon of raw honey if you are adding a lime or lemon as you can see I've done here. 

Mixed citrus gives you the advantages of the subtle different nutrients in a grapefruit and an orange, for example.

In a family of five, one person could be given the responsibility of squeezing five different citrus fruits; two minutes, that's all that it takes. We like one each of orange, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and lime.

Citrus fruit list

Citrus fruit list is the way we go about it; we call it our viral guard, but it does much more than that of course. The benefits go far beyond spina bifida and orange juice.

For lunch, a healthy scoop of homemade hummus would go a long way to making sure you have sufficient of the folate family of vitamins in your diet.

Made from sesame seeds, chickpeas, lemon pulp and parsley, all of which are rich in folate, you can be sure that you are getting the whole package.

It takes me five minutes, using this authentic hummus recipe, to make enough for three days; it doesn't keep. Another person in the family could be given this designated chore. Five minutes, once in three days; does that sound onerous for a delicious, nutritious lunch? So that it doesn't go off, food manufacturers have to add a load of chemicals.

And for dinner, any one of the many recipes for swiss chard will satisfy your need for folate.

Eggs, spinach and green peas are all rich in the folate family vitamin. The egg for example contains about 25 micrograms of the 400 needed; there are even small amounts in the slithers of garlic seen.

Enjoy it on a slice of this sourdough bread recipe, also known as eggs florentine, normally a breakfast dish, but no problem having it for dinner, and you'll get even more folate. Whole wheat contains about 5mcg per slice, but a study published in the journal Nutrition shows that the vitamins and minerals are better absorbed in sourdough; it tastes better too.

This is the sourdough bread recipe that I make about five days a week; it literally takes only five minutes, using a bread machine.

A Bernard Preston patient

This next graphic is of a patient of mine who escaped with a small dose of spina bifida. He was lucky, his mother consumed just enough folate. Whilst a neurosurgeon declared that adjustments of his spine would be extremely dangerous, I treat him like a regular lumbar facet syndrome. He suffered with lower back pain for twenty years before deciding to take his chances with chiropractic.

Are you a woman who could fall pregnant tomorrow? Even before you are a aware that you are with child, your baby's future is determined. A daily glass of orange juice facts who would greatly help prevent you from having a spina bifida baby. Of course your organic food green is just as important a source of folate. Enjoy both green leafy veg and the whole citrus family of oranges and lemons, limes and grapefruit.

Lettuce nutritional value tells another part of the folate story.

Pregnant women need even more folate; consult your doctor but up to 800mcg is often recommended.

Choline and betaine

I mentioned above that choline and betaine are also involved; they methylate homocysteine via a different pathway; a deficiency of either can also cause neural defects.

Read more here about choline food sources.

Healthy choice foods

Healthy choice foods or bust; those are the options facing us. Umpteen pills, visits to the doctor and ultimately an early demise, often in pain and misery. One sees it so frequently in the chiropractic clinic in those patients who stubbornly refuse to listen. As the Dutch say, "those who won't hear must feel." And so it is. Spinal bifida and orange juices is just one example; there are a host of other complications arising from a deficiency; this is just one of many delicious healthy choice foods.

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