Cholesterol Credit

Cholesterol credit trades high animal fat foods for those that lower your LDL.

A carbon credit is a term used for a permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide.

Shall we have some fun? Lets define a cholesterol credit as a term for a permit representing the right for you to enjoy some cholesterol rich food. A double thick milkshake, a T bone steak, egg and chips or a cheese burger, and a beer or two.

So, what are carbon credits

There are many companies that sell carbon credits to commercial and individual customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint on a voluntary basis. It's all about the clean development mechanism which has two goals:

  1. To assist developing countries in achieving sustainable development whilst contributing to the ultimate objective of the united nations framework convention on climate change, which is to prevent dangerous climate change.
  2. To assist developed countries in achieving compliance with their quantified emission limitation and reduction commitments, greenhouse gas, emission.

Bear with me; I know this is probably boring but I'm just warming to my theme. If you want to be able to enjoy your cake, read red meat, and eat it, then this is the page for you.

Clean blood vessels mechanism and cholesterol credit.

So, how are your arteries doing? Clogged with cholesterol filled plaque and threatening your very life, or smooth as a baby's bottom and carrying your life giving blood to the fartherest corners of your body?

Just as certain countries, that shall remain nameless, that have refused to sign the kyoto carbon emissions protocol, you can refuse to sign the chiropractic help cholesterol protocol. Many people do, and die ten or more years before their time.

The kyoto protocol is about saving the planet without inhibiting development. The cholesterol protocol is about saving your life without unduly inhibiting your overall enjoyment of food. Get it?

"Don't wait for the Last Judgement; it happens every day."

Albert Camus

PURPOSE of the Clean Development Mechanism

The purpose of the clean development mechanism is to promote clean development in developing countries. Projects that reduce carbon emissions are credited to companies that produce emission cuts.

So, for example, a coal fired generating company in the developed world might buy carbon credits from a forestation company in the developing world.

PURPOSE of the Clean Artery Mechanism (CAM)

Cholesterol Credit

The purpose of the clean artery mechanism is promote clean blood vessels in your body. So you can develop projects that reduce your blood cholesterol whilst still enjoying your din dins. In dutch we would say "snap 't?" Get it?

So to satisfy your cholesterol fired love of a chocolate milkshake in the afternoon you have to buy cholesterol credits by making a smoothie for breakfast. What could be easier, and tastier? How long does it take to peel an orange and a banana, depip and slice of cantaloupe and pull the stalks out of six strawberries and drop them into the blender with a slosh of yoghurt?

No sugar now, but if you are desperate for sweetness, perhaps a teaspoon of raw honey. If you can find it.

Arteries clogged with plaque?

Cholesterol Credit

Why is this so important to the chiropractor you may be thinking? On a medical site, yes, but why on a chiropractic site? Firstly, there is now strong evidence that patients suffering from atherosclerosis of the arteries supplying the lumbar spine with blood suffer from far more back pain. Perhaps more important

From the chiropractic coalface.

A 61 year old man who makes me anxious whenever he steps into the clinic. When he was 18 he had a car accident and fractured a bone in his neck. A hangman's fracture. Atlanto axial joint anatomy

He first consulted me twenty years ago, about forty years of age, suffering from blinding headaches. He was taking up to eight codeine, a narcotic available over the counter in South Africa, and Sindol, an anti-inflammatory drug. A lethal cocktail of painkillers, though a narcotic + an anti-inflammatory-drug (NSAID) is slightly less dangerous than Dual antiinflammatory drugs (for example brufin + aspirin). Dual antiinflammatory drugs ...

I start to get anxious when patients are taking more than 10 analgesics per week. Ever seen the Kidney Olympics on TV? Athletes who have lost both kidneys, in the main (so said the medical specialist after the programme), to OTC painkillers. Anti inflammatory drugs ...

Mr P was swallowing bucketfuls of pills. Around 50 per week.

After a serious upper neck fracture, one tries to avoid manipulation in the Chiropractic management of headaches, but no conservative treatment had helped. Eventually I adjusted his neck. One treatment fixed his headaches, and I never touched his neck again.

Until two weeks ago. Mr P is now 61. He has high blood pressure. Two years ago he had a heart attack and had a stent fitted. He's on blood thinners... coupled with an old upper cervical fracture that puts him into a high risk category for a Chiropractic Iatrogenic Illness - a stroke.

MR P was standing on a chair, reaching into a cupboard, when one leg (of the chair!) broke. He fell heavily, smashing the LEFT side of his head on the way to the ground against a heavy door. After trying all else, he searched for my name on the internet. Had I returned from our sojourn in the Netherlands? Yes!

Several features were significant:

  • His blood pressure was reasonably well controlled with medication. 140/85.
  • The Wallenburg test which suggests an artery in the neck was seriously compromised was negative and he reported no vertigo (dizziness).
  • Rotation of his neck provoked right upper cervical pain.
  • The RIGHT side of his head was extremely tender. (Remember, he cracked the LEFT side against the door.)
  • The right TMJ (jaw joint) was fixated with an excruciatingly painful trigger points in the RIGHT Temporalis muscle and the External Pterygoid muscle.

But, but, but... Mr P is a very high risk patient for neck manipulation. Two treatments of the jaw joint, and the activator for his neck brought no relief whatsoever. What he needed was a Chiropractic adjustment. Did I dare? We discussed the matter fully, and he agreed that we should proceed. Were we rushing in where angels fear to tread? Possibly.

Mr P was dizzy for five minutes after the adjustment of his neck. Fortunately there was no nystagmus, a sign of something more serious and after fifteen minutes he was able to drive home. Nor was he nauseous but for several hours he felt fragile. And then the headache lifted.

I probably won't adjust his neck again. It's no longer fixated and this fool is staying well away! Instead we use a mobilising protocol for his neck, we work on his jaw joint and the muscles of the neck, we stretch and I've encouraged him to make his own

Home traction unit ... you can make it yourself.

The pain on the side of his head has gone completely, but he still has mild upper neck pain. Mr P's case is an interesting and challenging one - as are many in the health domain. Yes, there is risk with Chiropractic care, just as there is with Medicine and invariably one finds oneself weighing different options. The danger of bucket-loads of pills versus the danger of the Chiropractic adjustment. IATROGENIC ILLNESS ... the danger of pills.

About 200 000 Americans die every year from the adverse effects of medication. CHIROPRACTIC Iatrogenic Illness ... about 1 per 6 million neck manipulations causes a stroke.


Foods to avoid high cholesterol - foods that lower cholesterol

Fortunately it's not necessary to be highly precise about buying cholesterol credits. It's simply, if you want this, then you must also have that...

  • A couple beers at the ball game? Then tomorrow night a glass of red wine.
  • A double thick milkshake? A smoothie for breakfast.
  • A cheese burger? A hummus sandwich for lunch tomorrow.
  • A steak, egg and chips for lunch? Tofu, garlic and onions tonight for dins.
  • Icecream after dinner. Then a celery soup with dinner. Toscanini celery soup ...

  • Scrambled eggs? Add a handful of finely chopped fresh parsley. PARSLEY BENEFITS ...

  • A delicious mutton stew? Throw in a large handful of garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Foods that lower cholesterol. CHICKPEA GARBANZO BEAN DIP ...

I won't belabour the point any further. You want a cholesterol-rich dish? Then you must add a dish loaded with food that lowers cholesterol. Then you can have your cake and eat it!

Best is to get into a routine of daily eating foods like Oats, Garbanzo beans, salad and vegetables, fruit and fish.

Healthy choice foods

Over and above your healthy choice foods, taking a brisk walk will also buy you cholesterol credits, and improve your back and bone strength.

The omega-3 in fatty fish also buys you significant cholesterol credit. It raises the HDL cholesterol - the healthy one that sweeps the arteries clean of LDL and VLDL cholesterol, the bad cousins.


Read how Andre Agassi kept his cholesterol down and his blood sugar up by living on baked potatoes and lentil soup, one of the marvellous foods that lower cholesterol. OPEN ANDRE AGASSI ...

Cholesterol credit

In short you can enjoy your butter, cheese and red meat in moderation, provided you counterbalance your diet with plenty of oats, hummus, greens, fish and exercise.

Nobody has tested it, but I wonder if my making honey mead instead of red wine isn't part of the reason my cholesterol is so dangerously low!

Chocolate cake

A slice of chocolate cake contains about 500 calories; in order to get the cholesterol credit in balance, remember than a heavy workout lasting an hour only burns 300-400 calories.

To keep your waist in check, enjoy treats occasionally, but have a smaller piece and never a second.

You can not lose weight by exercise alone.

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