Home bake bread flour

Home bake bread flour is half the price if you have a grinder, and your own little oven. It takes only six minutes to prepare the ingredients for baking your own loaf; plus five hours of course to cook. 

Take care that your home bake bread flour is made from 100% whole wheat. If you're going to go to all that trouble to make your own bread, and then it's worth being sure you use only the best ingredients.

I was busy last Saturday doing one of my less pleasant jobs; that is collecting old vegetables and fruit from the supermarket for the worm farm when I met a man delivering bread flour for housewives. We got in discussion, and of course I asked him if he has a 100% wholemeal option.

No, said he, he wants to make sure that the flour has all the ingredients so he uses refined, bleached white meal and adds back in the bran, assorted seeds and so on; it's junk, and has none of the germ where all the vitamins, minerals and lignans reside.

Read the labels is my advice; make sure you choose the 100% whole grain option, because the food industry cheats using terms like multigrain and add various colourants to make the it look natural and darker.

Home bake bread flour

Home bake bread flour is only worth making if you get 100% wholemeal; with all the lignans, vitamin E and minerals it's very healthy.

I'm sure you can see which of these is the real McCoy; it's from our grinder; that below is from the lying miller who describes it as wholemeal.

We should be aiming for about 40 grams of fibre a day, and in the average American diet we are achieving less than a half of that; that means cancer. It means constipation. It means headaches. It means a higher risk of stroke.

In a new study following 70,000 people over ten years, researchers found that those eating the most fibre, mainly from fruit and veg it's true, had 10% less strokes.

Another study showed that adding a one ounce of whole grains meant a 9% lower overall risk of death, and 15% less cardiovascular disease compared to those who didn't.

I could go on and on; best of all, researchers found was adding a whole grain in place of a refined grain. Add one slice of 100% whole grain bread, and remove one cookie; now you're in business.

White bread

Whilst in search for more food for our worms and chickens, I discovered to my astonishment that they devour won't white bread. Even stranger is that our dogs won't eat it either, unless very hungry.

Just look at how they turned up their noses at this; it just ain't food, in their opinion.

It seems that worms, hens and dogs are smarter than humans at recognising what constitutes food.

We were at the local green grocer, trying to grasp the meaning of the race to end waste.

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