By Bernard Preston

tinglings/pins and needles/itching

by sharon
(belleville ontario canada)

Is the tingling throughout your arm?

Is the tingling throughout your arm?

Two weeks ago I began having pins and needles/tingling in both arms, hands, and legs. The sensation in the left arm is much more intense than in the other arm or legs. I am also noticing that I am having itching. I have no rash, feel fine otherwise and have not been ill lately. I went to the hospital where they did an ECG and bloodwork including checking my thyroid and vitamin B levels, electrolytes, sugar level etc and all was normal.

They did get me to squeeze their fingers and checked my reflexes as well and that seemed normal. They also got me to walk so they could observe my balance etc and that was all fine.
Any idea of what this is likely to be?

Hello Sharon,
I'm glad the hospital has done all those initial screening tests; it seems to me from afar that up until now it's been well managed.

These are central signs rather than a pinched nerve in the neck or back, say. So it's good that there was no change in the reflexes and you are able to walk normally.

Are those pins and needles in your left arm in a specific part of the limb, or general? Does turning your head to the left, and then looking up provoke anything?

I'd get on with your life as usual, but without becoming neurotic, watch out for any new developments. Does it start to affect your eyes for example, or are you beginning to have headaches.

Then, because these are potentially serious symptoms, if in two weeks say, they are still not abating, I'd ask for a consultation with a neurologist. Something is happening, but at this stage no one knows what, and it may just recede on its own. You are probably in for some scans.

In the meantime, take a good long look at your lifestyle; are you getting enough exercise, and are you getting plenty of coloured foods in your diet, for example. Cut out all hydrogenated fats like margarine; you don't want them used in the coverings of your nerves which can certainly affect the conduction.

Please let me know what comes of all this; I'm curious, I confess.

Dr B

PS. You married a Dutchman, I see. If you've never been to Holland, consider a wonderful inexpensive cycling holiday, joining "Vrienden op de fiets." April, May and June would be good months.

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