By Bernard Preston

Tingling everywhere, ringing in ears, exhaustion

Hi, I am wondering if I should pursue surgery. I am 47, always tired, and want to feel better again. Thoughts?

Hello Deanne,
Surgery should always be the last resort, and with tingling everywhere what is a surgeon going to operate on?

It sounds to me that you need to stop and take a good long look at your life. When did you last take a holiday, how often do you go for a walk, how much sleep are you getting, and what are your diet and weight like.

Had a diabetes and blood pressure check?

I'm shooting in the dark obviously, but I suspect you will find the solution to your health somewhere in the above rather than in your spine.

If none of the above ring any bells, then I'd talk to a neurologist about that tingling everywhere.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Jun 21, 2018
Cervical stenosis
by: Deanne

Hi, I should have been more specific, I have cervical stenosis with severe narrowing. I have a good diet, sleep habits and exercise. Can my cervical stenosis in c5,6 result in paralysis? Should I get surgery sooner than later. Have had two mri’s with no neurological issues.

Hello Deanne,
I'm afraid this is far too complex for anyone not able to view your scans and carefully examine you and dissect your history.

I very much doubt the ringing in your ears and exhaustion have to do with the stenosis; there are other issues requiring attention.

This is confirmed by your statement that the MRIs show up no neurological issues.

There's much research confirming that both x-rays and MRIs can be very misleading. Gross narrowing in the cervical spine with no symptoms or signs at all other than stiffness and some discomfort is common.

On the other hand 'tingling everywhere' does suggest that your stenosis may be very significant, but that's not for me to judge. You must do the best with your doctors' advice, and if your gut feeling indicates it, gut another opinion, but not from some unknown person on the net!

Sorry not to be more helpful.

Dr B

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