By Bernard Preston

Sudden onset of tingling down arm into fingers 3 to 5

Sudden onset of tingling down arm into fingers 3 to 5 demands a thorough examination.

Firstly my apologies for the use of a mobile device, at present it is my only source of Internet.

I came across your site while researching a possible cause of tingling down my right arm sometimes left.
It has been occurring intermittently for approximately 3 months.
It happens mostly while standing and using my arm and radiates down into the fingers mainly the middle to pinky finger.
I have a 1 year old child and have also had a flu like virus twice in the last 6months.

I don't mind mobiles if you write in decent grammar, as you've done. Thank you.

The first thing to establish is what movements, if any, provoke the tingling. Does carrying your child, or a heavy shopping bag bring it on? Does working with your arm above your head provoke the tingling? Do movements of your head and neck, especially turning to the right, and then looking up, cause pain in the neck, and tingling in the arm; that's called Spurling's sign by the way.

The middle finger to pinkie is NOT a standard dermatome, so this may not be a typical nerve root impingement in the cervical spine.

It's also not typical median nerve, so it's not carpal tunnel, nor is it the ulnar nerve distribution.

I'm thinking of a 'thoracic outlet syndrome' where the brachial plexus of nerves is being irritated between the bellies of two scalene muscles, and the first rib. The test for this is called Adson's test, but it's difficult and quite subjective. You can find it by typing 'adsons test' into the site search function in the navigation bar, and try it, if you're game. The treatment is an adjustment of the first rib, and stretching of the scalenes.

Occasionally the last vertebra in the neck has an unexpected rib that can cause this too.

Not a tum sleeper by any chance? That could provoke it.

The long and the short of it is that your neck area needs a thorough and careful examination; what exactly is the diagnosis before any too hasty treatment like an anti inflammatory, or quick click of your neck.

After several months, it's time to do something; once you've had it for six months, it will probably trouble you for the rest of your life. Get some professional advice.

I hope this helps; give me some answers, keeping to this thread if you want to continue the conversation.

The symptoms of whiplash link below may give you some ideas and further reading.

Dr B

» Sudden onset of tingling down arm into fingers 3 to 5

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