By Bernard Preston

neck ache, and numbness in arms

by Ron
(Tucson Arizona, USA)

The joint of Luschka guards the nerve root, but after injury becomes arthritic and may threaten it.

The joint of Luschka guards the nerve root, but after injury becomes arthritic and may threaten it.

I went to the chiropractor June 30th 2017 for a bad headache. He adjusted my neck and put me in a traction machine; when I came home 3 or 4 hours later I'm laying in bed; I felt real funny like light-headed really weird since then it's been 9 days and I started getting like numbness in the arms and bad headaches; feeling a little lightheaded or dizzy; not sure what I can say about that.

Could he have caused something to do this and can it be corrected?

Dear Ron,
Frankly, I'm not sure but it's possible; I don't know which levels he adjusted. Did you have one treatment only, and have you consulted him before. Have you called him to tell him you've been light headed, and are getting numbness in arms?

I would recommend you ask for a consultation with no treatment, and go and discuss this reaction, and how to go forward. For example, have x-rays of your neck been taken? If it's going down both arms, then there's a suggestion of spinal stenosis.

I need more background, Ron, to give a more definitive answer. How old are you and what injuries to your neck have you had. Is this the first time you've ever consulted a chiropractor, and so on.

Every doctor, medical or chiropractor, has patients periodically who react badly to treatment; it's called iatrogenic illness, and is the third most common condition after cardiovascular disease and cancer. The mature thing is to discuss it with your chiropractor. If he shrugs it off and isn't interested, go elsewhere.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» neck ache, and numbness in arms

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