By Bernard Preston

My experience with family relying on traditional medicine

by David
(Kingman, AZ)

This is where my immune modulators are found.

This is where my immune modulators are found.

My experience with family relying on traditional medicine is the beginning of a search to find out the truth about health; it's a long and somewhat tortuous journey.

It was by sheer accident I found your site looking up arm tingling or something like that. What is curious is the fact that you used site build it for your site. I have toyed with several sites for years and have used site build it.

After reading areas of your site I was wondering what your income was from.

Then I saw you books. And the fact you are building a (off- grid type life)

I am a Christian and seeking direction for how to use my life experience to help people and put a word in for The Lord.

I am 60 years old and have been on a journey of finding the truth about health, medicine, etc. I believe God gave us all we need if we will just learn to take advantage of it.

My experience is that my family was taken by cancer; Father, Mother, and Brother. I knew there was more to be used than the Pharmaceuticals and Chemo and Surgery of traditional medicine that was used. Never was the body's ability to heal come up. Neither was nutrition or natural helps/ cures. It makes me angry at the lies that are shoved on a trusting public. I believe all pharmaceuticals and drugs are poison & harmful

I like the idea of raising nutritious foods and eggs but it is not a possibility at this point.

I have found a good alternative to traditional medicine for the time being. Using the help of a supplement company that has proven to be the real deal. Started 25 years ago, Is Pharmaceutical grade ingredients and facility - only all natural and proven.

It has helped me greatly. For those that can't find / do own growing this is a good start. The company is Bodywise.

Went to meeting where 80 plus year olds are involved in building businesses by helping people. All were in great health. Still bike, rock climb, run. Made a believer out of me. As well as how it has affected myself and family.

Not only vitamins, minerals but Immune modulators for resistance and immune system problems (all auto immune diseases. There are some great people (doctors) who were treating conventional that now use alternatives including Bodywise. Would love you opinion of what you think of company and products.

Love your site - you must have worked on it for a looong time.


Hello Brother David,
It's good that we can connect as fellow believers, both struggling to find the right and better way to good health; traditional medicine has some of the answers for our families, but certainly not all.

My family certainly doesn't rely on traditional medicine, but we do consult them very occasionally.

I certainly don't have all the answers, and I don't pretend to; no one does actually. But I have what is right for me, and you have to find that yourself.

Yes, I believe that the body can heal itself; I see it every day as a chiropractor when it's given a little help in one way or another.

But I believe even more in prevention. Doing back exercises before the slipped disc; eating the right food so that our bodies have sufficient immune modulators, right now, today, before the big C strikes; they are right there at the green grocer, if we have access fresh choice healthy foods.

The beta sitosterol in tomatoes that prevents prostate cancer, the lignans in 100 percent wholewheat flour that prevent tumours of the breast, and the capsaicin in chilies for example that reduce inflammation in the body; it's all right there in our food. If we are eating the correct things; in the main, traditional medicine gives only lip service to such matters for our families.

It's a matter of philosophy, I guess. It's easy to blame traditional medicine, but I see in humankind a laziness; always trying to find a simpler solution, like swallowing capsules of these substances instead of doing the right thing; eating healthy choice food with plenty of colours. The good Lord made them all and provided a bountiful smorgasbord for us to enjoy; I take no pleasure in swallowing expensive capsules, but enormous satisfaction in enjoying lemons, berries, raw honey and hummus; and so on.

I'm lucky enough to be able to grow many of them. Words like prevention is better than a cure slip so easily off our tongues, but in practice, even amongst Christians, we give little credence to it.

For me, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; and we need to treasure and honour the dwelling place of Almighty God; eating bagels and the nutritionless bread supplied today as good food are to my mind a contradiction.

So, for me, I'm afraid I'm not into Bodywise supplements; I'd rather enjoy the real McCoy; at a tenth of the price but requiring some sweat off the brow to plant and grow, bake and blend.

Our own low GI sourdough bread, plenty of greens, free range eggs and hummus are big in our lives. They amongst others are the reason, I believe, that we take no drugs or supplements whatsoever; the life without medication and with only very occasional visits to traditional medicine when I or my family get some brickdust in the eye is a treat; the angle grinder is a dangerous machine but half so devastating as many traditional medicines; iatrogenic disease is the third most common cause of death.

Prevention is indeed better than a cure.

This Bernard Preston site, being a hodge potch of different subjects is not much to the liking of Google, and I should split it up into its many constituent parts. But my other site, Chiropractic Help gets half a million hits a month; that's where my revenue comes from.

Blessings, and I hope this contributes to helping to find the answers you are seeking. Seek and you will find.

In Him,


» My experience with family relying on traditional medicine

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