By Bernard Preston

Fuzzy head

by Barbara

I have had a few episodes where I am sitting and I am very conscious of what is going on. I have back problems and was sitting at my table when my whole body goes numb and tingly and then the right side is severe jerking. This all takes place until I grasp the table and lasts for less than 30 seconds. It only happens when I’m sitting.

Hello Barbara,
There are a lot of different conditions that could produce this, and it's definitely something to pursue; and a chiropractor is not the right place to do that, at least not initially.

A jerking spasm like that is what we call an upper motor neuron sign; as chiropractors we work in the main with the lower motor neurons.

I'm not going to hazard a guess because it would be a total thumb suck; what's needed is some tests, and a neurologist is the right person to order them.

If Medicine comes up with nothing of significance then it's your opportunity to consult a local chiropractor, one who has a reputation for a thorough examination; simply cracking your neck or back is not a good idea.

Let me know what comes of it, others will be interested and find it helpful, and once again thank you for your contribution.

Dr B

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