By Bernard Preston

Foot cramps and tingling in feet and hands

by Liyana Oneal
(Lemon grove ca)

What's your diet like?

What's your diet like?

First charlie horse in either foot then comes the pins and needles. In hands and feet. Fractured my t-12 last year could this be from that? Back pain never went away. No MRI done.

Hello Liyana,
If it's affecting your hands and feet, then it's unlikely that the T12 fracture is the cause. Is it possible that your neck was injured in the same accident.

There are many causes of food cramps, but first thought in my book is a mineral deficiency; very difficult to decide which one. Mostly likely to be magnesium or zinc, but it could be several others.

Do you play a lot of sport, with much sweating? Then I'd be thinking minerals. Good old fashioned Popeye spinach is a good place to start, remembering that much is lost in the water you cook it with.

If it's neurological, then one start to check reflexes, skin sensation, muscle weakness; perhaps a chiropractor who specialises in neurology, but I'd tend to consult a neurologist first; they have access to specialised tests.

I hope this contributes a little; let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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