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extreme pain and numbness from groin into front thigh

Pain and numbness from groin into top of thigh to knee. I have to lift my leg to reduce this awful pain. This happens when I am on my feet for a long time. I have a pain stimulator for back pain, but this does nothing for thigh pain. I am so frustrated, as I have developed a limp when I walk. Sometimes it almost feels like a slippage in the hip when I walk for any distance. I can not seem to explain this to my Neurologist. Thank You.

Hello Karen,
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There are two main issues to be looked at here:
1. Is this a hip condition?
2. Is it a pinched femoral nerve?

Both can give you pain in the groin radiating down to the thigh. Seeing that you have back pain, bad enough to need a stimulator, it's more likely to be the second.

So, let's first consider your hip. Lying on your back, pull your good knee to your chest, then towards your opposite shoulder, and finally drop your knee into the lotus position. Repeat now with the naughty leg. Is there a significant difference? Then it's a condition of the hip.

Secondly, and this is a bit difficult. You need a helper. Lying on your tum, with the knee bent, ask your partner to lift the knee off the bed, stretching the femoral nerve. Compare legs. Is the naughty leg much tighter and more pain in the front of the thigh? Then it's probably the femoral nerve, or one of its slips.

For example, a pinched lateral femoral cutaneous nerve can mimic these symptoms; it's called meralgia paresthetica.

The LFCN is irritated usually both in the mid to upper lumbar spine, AND in the groin. This is a sensory nerve so it won't affect the knee reflex or make the leg weak; just painful.

Ask your doctor if the knee jerk is normal.

Jump on your slightly bent knee; does it give? Are you having difficulties on the stairs because the thigh muscles are weak?

A sacroiliac condition should be considered too.

Then there are a host of issues in the groin itself; an inguinal hernia, an aneurism, enlarged glands and so on.

Have you had an x-ray of the pelvis taken? If that hip is very stiff in you pull the knee to the chest, that's the place to start.

Let me have a few answers and how this turns out, and like I said, any further questions and answers not at this site. This page will soon be gone.

By the way, I've had a pinched femoral nerve myself so I know how painful it can be. Good chiropractic and daily exercises before arising from my bed have saved me from certain surgery.

If you have pain with standing, a short leg should be considered.

Good luck and God bless.

Dr B

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