How to improve strength and gait post total hip replacement

by Marlene

The partially unroofed ball in hip dysplasia

The partially unroofed ball in hip dysplasia

How to gain strength in legs and hips & improve gait post total hip replacement surgery; the right hip one year ago, and the left three months in February, 2017, due to hip dysplasia.

Hello Marlene,
Firstly, how old are you?

And secondly, it really depends on how successful the surgery was in reducing your pain and disability.

And thirdly, dysplasia is strongly hereditary; anything you learn from this must be passed on to your children. They cannot improve the depth of their sockets, but they can increase the strength of the muscles. If there's any sign that they may have inherited your hips they should avoid long distance running; round the block to keep fit is fine.

I have developed some very specific exercises for exactly your problem, but I'd start off in the swimming pool; go daily and simply do whatever you are able and feel inclined to do; the water supports your weight.

Let me have answers to the two questions above, and we'll take it from there.

Jup, winter is on its way; a heated pool unless you live in the north.

Dr B

» How to improve strength and gait post total hip replacement

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